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  • gyp·sy ˈjipsē/ (noun) a nomadic or free-spirited person.

    artist. ˈärdəst/ (noun). a person who creates art.

    soul sōl/ (noun) the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

    rough·neck ˈrəfˌnek/ (noun) an oil rig worker.

    We travel around photographing the world and creating art while Daddy drills oil chasing the American Dream...

Roughneck Gypsies Journal



Williston Photographer. Cassandra Sasse with her daughters come together displaying Creative & Unique outside of the box airy style with subtle hints of warm, organic details. A mix of modern and classic portraiture as well as subtle earth accented editing contribute to high end, hipster detailed images that effortlessly shows their talented artistic beauty in a new light. Relocating to Williston ND from Portland OR bringing their organic artistic perspective to the Bakken emerging are the Roughneck Gypsies…
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 Katelynn Green Gown Organic web Williston Photographer Cassandra Sasse creates and showcases talented portraiture with Children, Family and Babies. Newborn photography & Maternity Photography is also provided by  Cassandra Sasse in Williston North Dakota.

Cassandra Sasse has an extensive history of working with child model & talent, photographing models helping to build portfolios for the talent industry.

Currently accepting a select few appointments for Senior Pictures. Williston Senior Portrait Photographer Cassandra Sasse is booking up sessions quickly for Senior Slots! Dates for July, August & September are already almost full! Once the available dates are full I cannot accept any more appointments for Senior Portraits.

Senior Collage Cassandra Sasse Photography

Due to our extremely heavy work load and session bookings, currently Williston Photographer Cassandra Sasse is not taking any Wedding Sessions.

SugarPickle Design TemplatesCreative Engagement Sessions only for Williston Photographer Cassandra Sasse.Paris Wedding Story

Occasionally Williston Photographers Roughneck Gypsies will accept Boudoir Sessions. Please inquire through the contact form regarding Boudoir Photographers in Williston ND.boudoir gypsies

North Dakota’s Best Creative Portrait Photographer, photographers Cassandra Sasse | Roughneck Gypsies.

Our Summer Special is SOLD OUT!

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